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How To Create Your First POD Product | Print-On-Demand




Okay, so we're going to create our first product here. I'll show you guys how to do this. Which product should we create here? Anybody have any favorites out there? What products should we create? So it's a mother to daughter product. So interlocking is good, infinity hearts is good, sweetest hearts. The little handstamp thing is pretty good. The giraffe is really good. The giraffe is not going to fit super well with my design though. Because it's so tall. Sheila says the giraffe of course the first option, infinity. Everybody wants a draft. This isn't gonna work super well to draft because, uh, if you look at the design, the draft is going to fall right on top of the phrase and that's kind of a no, no. Richard says interlocking hearts. I might go with Richard. Just because I like interlocking hearts. Tracy said love knot. Let's do love knot. It's kind of pretty.

Okay. All right. So for this part just for the upload. I'm not going to show that to you. Hang on, we'll come right back to that. Okay, so there's our design looks decent. Again, I made this in 10 minutes, guys. So you know. Whoa, that's pretty good. I kind of want to bring daughter up a little bit just so it's not being covered up by the chain, but it's not too bad. I just personally, you know, I probably would go back and fix this. But this actually looks pretty freakin good. Let's read this phrase one more time. Just to make sure we don't have any typos or anything like that. "Our relationship is a special bond that spans the years through laughter, worries, smiles and tears, a lifelong friendship built on sharing hugs and kisses warmth and caring, mother and daughter our hearts as one, link that can never be undone, love your mom." I think this looks pretty good.

All right, so call this one to my daughter. I'll run some ads to this too, by the way, not right now, I can't get in my ad account live on the stream. But I can certainly this week, maybe run some finances to my daughter. And we'll just call this one I usually like to reiterate the punch line kind of in the title. So hearts as one, it's probably a good one. I'm just gonna call it necklace. So, look, this is how I like to do my titles, you can do a bunch of different things here, you can use your titles as headlines, you can use it to drive urgency or scarcity, to emphasize your offer. There's all kinds of things you can do with the head, the title, this is just I like to do I like to put who it's to, I like to put the punch line in the phrase. And I like to put the product category. In this case, it's a mix. Now for the actual product copy, whenever I'm testing, I just leave what ShineOn gives us right out of the gate. And then for the price, I also always leave the price right of what ShineOn gives us here. Now, notice my base cost, you know what I'm on the highest price interior base costs can be a little bit lower. However, you're going to be able to do at least a three and a half times markup, three, three and a half times markup on all these products right out of the gate. Some of these will even have a four to five times markup. So the margins on these products, it sure beats the crap out of what you get on selling t-shirts or something else.

Okay, so you could add your facebook pixel right here. If you have a special pixel that you want in the daughter niche, you could add that right here, you can add your Google Analytics ID if you have a special one right here. We're going to select our niche, we're going to choose gift for daughter. And this is optional, I'm not going to fill it out for this one. And now you can put your URL handle right here. And I'm just gonna put, I like small clean URL handles. There's all kinds of stuff you can do here. I don't know that there's any real rhyme or reason to it. But I think the big thing is you don't want one that's super, super long. What I like to do is I like to kind of abbreviate my title and everything. So I'm gonna put TMD for to my daughter. By the way, this is something I just made up on the fly one day. There's probably better ways to name your URL handle, this is just what I've done. And I'm going to put TMD and I'll put like hearts. There. Good, happy. All right now I'm gonna click Publish. Look at that too, see this mock up here with the. Oh, that's looking good, we're gonna come do the mock ups here in just second. We're gonna let that load for a minute. So it takes a second because the products go into a queue. And then it'll take maybe a minute or two, for it to publish, sometimes a little bit longer, especially during peak hours. But usually within a few minutes, it's out.

So let's go over some questions here. If there are any, while I wait for that. Alluring beauty would look great on the purple. Love knot looks pretty good, too. Good, you know, I have not gone in to look at the giraffe yet. The giraffe is beautiful. It's a big item. So you got to put your phrase on the left, right, and then kind of at the bottom on it.

Alright, let's go see if our product is ready yet. There are some questions in here. I will come back to these here in just a little bit. All right, let's go to the product. Here it is. Okay, here's my product, the mock ups here are going to be sweet. So first of all, this one here at the purple ribbon is pretty freakin cool. I didn't plan that, it just came out that way. But I'll show you guys the rest of them. So if you click add more images right here, it's going to show you a bunch of additional mock ups. And if I click Load More, it shows you all the mock ups we have available for this particular product. Now, if I click Render all actually go in and it will add your artwork to all of the mock ups, you can kind of see what it would look like in the actual mock up. Now, I will tell you, I've kind of changed my thoughts on what I think are the best kind of images to have. I've been going with simple images and only a few of them as opposed to many. So what I kind of like to do is go with two kind of mock ups with the message card, and then one standalone at the actual product itself. So on this one, for example, I'd probably keep, I'm probably going to get rid of this one. Now, the reason I do this, it's kind of twofold. One, I think the page loads a little bit faster. And two, I just feel like people can kind of get lost shopping around the mockups. This is pure theory on my part, it's just what I've been doing, and it's been working well for me. I'm gonna get rid of this one too. Even though I love that purple ribbon in the background, it looks really good. Get rid of that one. I'm going to rearrange what I've got here. So I'm going to bring the the kind of dramatic black one into the middle. So it's right here now. So now I've got this kind of standard, like vertical one kind of in the front, then I have this more dramatic one is image number two, then I have a picture of the necklace hanging over the fingers for number three. And then for my default, I want this one. So I'm actually going to run ads. Let me show this to you in the store. I'm going to run my ads with this image here. The reason I do that is because I did a poll recently, on this image here. Now this image here has worked for me pretty well in the past, it's got this dramatic kind of look and feel to it. And there's shadows hanging over it. And it's good. And you can make sales with this. I've done it before. There are a lot of people I know that have already been testing with this one. And it's doing pretty well my test. And here's what I think is going on, but I'm not certain I ran a poll. Well, one day I was just in the course of my day doing work on ShineOn. And I just noticed that every time I came to this particular image, I tilt my head to read it. And it got me wondering like, if everybody does that. So I did this poll and I asked people if they have to tilt their head when they read this. About 50% of people came back and said yes and some people didn't. Now, I don't know that this has, you know, anything to do with anything. Okay. Like I said, I have made sales with this particular mock up. I know many people to do really well with it. However, I got to thinking about it as like, you know, if you are in the older age bracket, like let's say you're selling a product, that's to granddaughters, for example. If you're in the older age bracket, and you know, maybe your eyesight is faded and you're wearing reading glasses or something and you see this product, you have to tilt your head to read it, you know, you might be shooting yourself in the foot by using this particular mock up. So I have started to opt for this one. I haven't seen no dip in sales or anything like that. This is just one that I've been going for. So I definitely recommend though if you're new starting out, you need to go with this one, or this one. For your ads. This one looks real dramatic. It raises the perceived value of the item. Probably fantastic for like your romance niches and things like that. I tend to prefer this one especially for like the gifts to granddaughters and things like that.