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How To Find Winning Print-On-Demand Products




You're doing product research for two reasons. One is to find a good product to sell to your niche, that's the obvious one. But the second one is to actually research your niche. This is giving you a chance to see what your niche is interested in, the kind of things they buy, the kinds of things that they like. So you're looking for products. You may find products that aren't even in this space, that maybe you could never sell, but they still give you some clue as to what your niche may be interested. Then you can specialize on that. There's a bunch of ways to do product research. I mean it's virtually unlimited the number of places you can go to do product research.

Some of my favorites though, I like Etsy, it is just a great one. You can go to Etsy and you can type in one of your search terms - Mom, daughter, gift for daughter necklace for daughter, greeting card for daughter. All of those are good, they're gonna help you find phrases and find things that sell. So you put like a gift idea, plus, your keyword, your niche. So it'd be like "greeting card plus daughter," then what you can do is you can scroll through the results and you can look for bestsellers.

Here we'll do it real quick. So someone give me something to type in here. This is super easy, guys. Someone give me a gift idea and a niche in the chat “photo charm for mom, gift for step mom,” let's try gift for step mom. That'll be and you'll notice too, that Etsy actually recommended that as a search result. That means this is a common term, people are looking for this kind of gift. This tells you there's a market here. And then what I do when I get here. Typically, the first thing I'll do is I'll scan for bestsellers, I'll look for the bestseller tag. So all these say free shipping. Here's a best seller right here. It's jewelry too. So it's right in our lane. Let's look at that. Step mother of the groom. I can't read the phrase, what's the phrase say? They need to work on their product pictures here a little bit. “Thank you much for something love and support. I'm truly blessed to have you in my life. I love you.” Look, this is a pretty cool product, it's probably a little bit difficult to target on Facebook and your scale would be limited. Because this is a little bit of a unique situation. It's step mother of the groom. So for one, you have to find people who are just getting married, and then you also have to have find grooms that have step moms. So it's a little bit of a weird one. However, it could work, it's worth experimenting with. Here's another one. It's kind of right down our alley.

Hey, does anybody recognize this? This is our freakin product. Best bonus mom. Hey, it is a best seller. That's weird because it didn't say that in the results. Sorry if this is one of your products, and I'm calling it out on my training here. Best bonus Mom, this is a good one. "You may not have given me the gift of life, but life has given me the gift of you.” Anybody recognize that phrase from other message cards before? It's a best selling. I've seen this many times on other products. “I want to say thank you for everything you've done for me and know how much I appreciate you through love patience and kindness. I continue to learn and grow. Thank you for loving me as your own. I'm blessed to have you in my life. I have the best bonus mom in this world.”

Here's a great one again, someone was looking for a gift for step mom. Bam you found it. Pretty simple stuff. Just come to Etsy. Throw in your niche and a gift keyword can be greeting card can be necklace, something like that. There's all kinds of stuff here. Let's even find one more. And notice it doesn't say best selling here in the results. It just said best selling on the product page. It's pretty interesting. So notice something I want to bring to your attention. Notice the mug here says "I smile because you're my stepmother, I laugh because you married my father." That's funny and sarcastic, right? That works really well on things like mugs and T shirts, that doesn't work very well on jewelry. With jewelry you're going for an emotional play here. If they cry they buy, right? Remember that. You're wanting to move them emotionally. You want it to be sentimental, heartwarming, something like that. That's what causes the purchase.

There's a bunch of them here. I was hoping I could find one more at the bestseller tag. This is a little bit of a smaller niche. So there probably aren't quite as many. But if you look man, there's so many. There's so many necklaces here. Here's one to my own unbiological mom. “Family isn't always blood, it's the people in your life who wants you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile, and you love you no matter what.” You could get so many ideas here just off of Etsy alone. So Etsy, super simple. Let's go to a different one.

Another one of my favorites is Pinterest. I like Pinterest for phrases. You can go to Pinterest, you can use a tool, you know, it's a paid tool called sorting social, and you can actually put in a search term inside of Pinterest and it will sort the results by like engagement or saves. So it's a paid tool. It's cheap, I can't remember how much it is a month. I've been using it for about a year. But what you can do is you can go in, you can type dad daughter quotes, for example. And Pinterest is full of like little quotes and things like that. But it's really easy, you can just go to Pinterest and the search term, you can type in a result like a search term like dad to daughter quotes, for example. You want to put quotes kind of on the end of it. And it's just going to get you back a bunch of images with dad to daughter quotes. What you can do if you have a tool like sorting social, you can sort them by popularity, and you can see which ones have done better than others. Then you can try to start your experimentation with phrases around that. Keep in mind, again, I want to go back to your research here is for two purposes. One, is just to find products that will sell, phrases that will sell things like that. But, two, you're trying to become a master of your niche, you want to be an expert on your niche. You want to get an idea for what appeals to them, what kind of colors, what kind of design elements? What kind of phrases like are they more heartwarming? Are they more sentimental? Are they sad, or whatever it is, you know what I mean? Like for some niches, some of the phrases that are more cheesy, do better than others. Like that's the kind of stuff you're trying to figure out. It's best if you focus on one or two niches that will really help you to speed up your learning curve.

Another thing you can do, it's kind of overlooked. You can do Google Images. This is one nobody uses, nobody really talks about. You can literally go to images,, type in your search keywords and a bunch of stuff will pop up. It's from all over the internet. That's one of the cool things about Google Images, is it'll pull stuff from Etsy, from Amazon, it'll pull things from all over the place. You have to be a little bit more creative with your search terms, because you're kind of using Google images in a way that it wasn't really designed for. But it can return like pure gold. The other thing is you can find some of your competitors this way too. Many times I'm there I'm searching around for something in my niche, and bam, I'm getting Shopify pages from some of my competitors in the space. So that's pretty cool.

Another thing you can do. I highly recommend create a Rolodex of Facebook pages. So go to Facebook, go to the search, make sure you select pages, which is now on the left hand side of the screen in the new Facebook. Search around for things in your niche. Keep in mind that when you're making a niche Facebook page, we talked about this last week, you want to name the page, something like "my daughter is my world, I love my daughter, my kids are everything" or something like that. So when you're searching for pages that are related to your niche, keep that in mind. Think of how you would name your own page, put those search terms search for those inside of Facebook. Then, what you want to do is go to those Facebook pages and look to see if they're running any ads. There's a really easy way to do that and go to Facebook page and then in the old Facebook, I believe is in the bottom right on the new Facebook, I think it's on the left hand side, there's a transparency section. It's got like ads is the button, you have to kind of search for it, you click that you'll go to the ad library for the Facebook page. And you can see if they're actively running ads. This is another great way to get ideas, figure out what's working in your niche. Quick Tip. If you're looking at a competitors page, and they only have one ad for that particular design, there's a good chance that they're either testing or that designs not done very well. However, if they have a bunch of ads, all for the same design, that's kind of a giveaway that it's working for them and they are scaling.

Alright, another thing you can do look on other platforms. So, you can go to Teespring for example. You can go to viral style, you can look on some of these other places that platform similar to shine on and you can see what's selling well there and you can get inspiration and ideas from there as well. Super easy, just super easy hack to just kind of spy on what your competitors are doing.

Another thing you can do interact with Facebook ads, interact with Facebook ads in your niche. What will happen is Facebook will start to think you're one of the primary buyers. By the way, when I say interact with it, I don't mean just click it or whatever I mean click it go to the landing page. Scroll around on the landing page for a little bit, click add to cart, go to the checkout page. There's some ways you can actually fire the purchase event from the checkout page without buying anything and Facebook will start to categorize you as a buyer of that particular product. I can't get into all that here, you're gonna have to Google how to do that. But Facebook will start to categorize you as a buyer in that niche, and they'll start showing you ads for it like the good, top quality ads. That's another way to do product research.

And that that's not it. I mean, guys, there are just so many methods, you just have to be creative here. There's even YouTube things you can do on YouTube. I mean, they're just Well,,, you can go to eBay. There are just so many methods, Google Shopping. There's no shortage of ideas here. You just have to get creative and go after it.