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Is Your Product Ready For Take Off? | Print On Demand




Here's a good analogy. I kind of think that a good product, like imagine an airplane, right? Like a Boeing triple seven or something like that. A good product is like the engines on your Boeing triple seven. Does everybody know what a Boeing triple seven looks like? We're gonna pull one up. Boeing triple sevens. I've flown on a bunch of these things. When I lived in India, we fly back and forth, like almost once a month. And these things are like masterpieces in the engineering world. Right? There's a Boeing triple seven, those engines are gigantic. They're gigantic, the plane seat three, three and three, if you're on a single decker and they're just huge. They're just really big planes. And it's hard to believe that you can get this entire thing up off the ground with two little guys in this cockpit up here at the beginning. In fact, I would even say that's made me feel unsafe flying in these on more than one occasion. Because like how it just doesn't even seem like it should be possible. You got two little guys up here flying this giant machine. And by the way, we're not on the ground when they're operating it just anyway. Okay. So my point, though, is that, if you imagine an airplane, a winning product, to me, is like the engines, right? Like, if you don't have a winning product, it doesn't matter how well the rest of this machine was built. It's not going anywhere. It's not getting off the ground, it's not moving down the runway, nothing like you wouldn't be able to get out of the hangar, you've got to have good engines on it, if you really want to fly, right? And winning products are like these engines, in my opinion. Right? If your airplane does not have a winning product, it's not getting off the ground, right? If your campaigns don't have winning products, they're not getting off the ground. So the winning products to me are like the engines on an airplane. That's one way you can think about it. The rest of this stuff, it doesn't matter how beautiful the rest of this is. If those if your product is not a winner, if this engine is not big enough, you cannot get that airplane into the air.


To further confuse people with this analogy. One thing I'd like to say is view the ShineOn product as the airplane and your message card as the engines. An airplane is an airplane, it holds people, there's wings, it'll fly, but how well it flies really comes down to that engine. And that's what makes it powerful. So, you can have a great looking airplane that can't take off because the message card's not helping it, but once you pair that beautiful airplane with those really big engines, that's when you have a winning product. So that message card is really an important thing.